tumblr_static_9gv6qdqbcf0g4s48ws8skcs00According to the moon phases,  I will  post events that the public may participate in with me. I offer events that share the opportunity to grow and learn. Events, may include Free Tarot Readings, Free Spells, Free Numerology Readings, Free Palmistry Readings and Meetups.

Once a month in the gardens of bliss,

I seek the serenity of the elemental gifts.
I invite you to come join me.

Let us share our spiritual journeys.

Meetups are casual gatherings for the inquisitive and spiritual minds that seek guidance through collective sharing.


28th August 2014 – Spell of Fortune

WordPress: Event Link
Financial Spell for Drawing Wealth and Prosperity
Thursday at 9:25pm until 10:17 ( Hour: Jupiter)

8th September 2014 – Love Spell

Workpress: Event Link
Sunday at 7:25pm until 8:17 (Hour: Venus)

23rd September 2014 – Negativity and Obstacle Banishing Spell

WordPress: Event Link
facebook:  Banishing Spell
Tuesday at 10:00 pm until 11:00 pm (Hour: Sun)

6th October 2014 – Emotional and Physical Healing Spell

WordPress: Event Link
facebook: Healing Spell
Monday at 10:40pm until 11:40pm (Hour: Jupiter)

Time and Location will be announced 


4 thoughts on “Events

  1. Hi there! Colleen here : I am from South Africa. You read my blog :
    I was so hoping you are in Africa! but alas.
    Looking forward to connecting more.
    +27846030604 : if you are on Whats app, we can chat and connect!


    • Wonderful of you to lend your hand in friendship and I most wholeheartedly accept. I will add you on whatsapp. I do alot of readings in India through the app. I am definitely looking forward to knowing and sharing with you. Lots of love and blessings.



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