Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Pari and I have been a Spiritual guide/adviser for the past 10 years. I am looking to establish myself amongst the global community. If you are interested in having a psychic reading done, whether its Past Life, Relationship, Career, Health, Healing, Spirit Mediumship, or Angel Messages, I would be honored to guide you through the questions you have.

I also work with crystal healing stones/ gem stones for healing any chakra imbalance or planetary effects. If you are in need of  Financial Success, Relationship growth, Healing, Cleansing or Negativity Banishing, You may contact me with your individual case and  I can custom make spells and prayers to help your need.

Often times in the midst of confusion, sorrow, pain, doubt and uncertainty we seek guidance. We need someone to listen and actually understand the cross roads we stand at and help us to choose the best possible outcome, to guide us to success, to bring to our gentle hearts happiness and peace. This is what I do, every day and all day. You will find me waiting for you, just a message away.

I have traveled the world, met different people from different paths of life. I speak 4 different languages, and lived in various cultures. The vast world has beauty in its uniqueness. We all are unique in our search for meaning, I have read and helped all those who have crossed my path. I welcome you to come seek me too.



For private readings: Click Here

You are welcome to Contact me with services you require. The Services Page will guide you through the type of reading and payment options available.

For Further Assistance:
Call: +1 339-235-9909
Message: facebook

If you would like to support my services through a small donation, I would be ever grateful for your generosity.


7 thoughts on “PariAngel

  1. Hi sweetie, my husband and I are moving back to Washington state, there has been a lot of conflict in the house spiritually. My main concern is that what we have in the house, my brother and LOTS of angels come with. And peace between us.


    • Greetings Dawn, may you and your family be blessed with peace and happiness. When you move into your new house remember to cleanse it, cleanse yourselves, welcome only angels and positivity inside and have a Clear Quartz/Selenite in your living room or bedroom. For relationship harmony, I recommend placing a Rose Quartz in your bedroom.

      If you would like to order a House Cleansing kit, you are welcome to purchase one from my Service Page. I also sell Clear and Rose Quartz if you are in need of them.



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